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4 Questions and answers about Cataract Surgery

 What are cataracts?


The lens in our eye is made of collagen, and just like the collagen in our skin, it ages and that is why we get wrinkles. When the collagen in our lens changes, we get opaque vision and that is a Cataract. A cataract is actually very normal. Anyone who lives long enough will develop a cataract. If you're over the age of 50, and you're noticing changes in your vision, maybe colors aren't as bright, or maybe the lights are bothering you at night, you could be developing Cataract.


What happens when you have Cataracts?


When the light that comes in through our pupil doesn't focus properly through our opaque cataract, it causes blurry vision, opaque colors and even difficulty to see.


What to do if you have Cataract?


One simply surgical procedure. At Beraja Medical Institute, we have Bladeless Cataract Surgery, which results in a very quick and faster healing time and better vision after cataract surgery. Not only do we have bladeless cataract surgery, we also have top of the line intraocular implants to improve your vision.


What happens during cataract surgery?


Your eye doctor removes the cataract very graciously, carefully, and puts in an intraocular lens. It has your prescription in it for distance and it is a very easy procedure. You go home the same day.  So, if you were used to wearing glasses your entire life, cataracts may be a blessing because, after surgery, you might not need to wear glasses.  Don’t wait any longer and schedule your appointment so you can get rid of your cataracts at


Beraja Medical Institute

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