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4 things to consider when buying Sunglasses

Beraja Medical Institute.

Today, we're going to be talking about four things to consider when purchasing sunglasses. It's important that we always protect our eyes from the UV rays of the sun. These rays can actually cause some pretty serious eye conditions such as cataracts, pterygiums, even several kinds of eye cancers as well.


  1. UV Rays Protection


First of all, they need to protect from UV rays. 100% UV protection. Oftentimes sunglasses will come with a tag or a sticker that will say whether they protect from those UV rays. It is really, really important that those sunglasses are protecting you 100% from UV rays.


  1. Size matters


Another thing, bigger is better. Fortunately, one of the Sunwear trends this year is that one of shield sunglasses, so those wrap-around sunglasses are really the ones that are going to protect you the most from the UV rays of the sun.


  1. Dark is not always good


Another thing is dark lenses don't always protect better. They may look cool, but they don't necessarily protect you more from those UV rays. Also, color doesn't really matter. Sunglasses can come in a variation of different colors. Some of the more common colors are amber, gray, green. They don't necessarily protect you more, but they can help in increasing contrast.

Polarized glasses don't protect you from UV rays, but they do help with the glare that comes off of reflective surfaces like water or pavement. So while they're not protecting you from UV rays, polarized lenses can definitely help make driving a little bit easier. Even those who enjoy boating or water activities, polarized lenses can also make those kinds of activities more enjoyable.


  1. Expensive glasses are not always the best option

And lastly, cost shouldn't be a factor. So really the most important thing is that they protect you 100% from UV rays. There are some less expensive pairs that do so. And that's really what you want to be looking for, that UV protection.


If you want to find some nice pair of sunglasses, we do have some here at our optical at Beraja Medical Institute.


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