6 safety measures we are taking at Beraja Medical Institute to avoid COVID


At Beraja Medical Institute, the safety of our patients, our caregivers, their families, and visitors is our top priority.  We are here to continue serving you during these unprecedented times. Because we care, we are rolling out extra precautionary measures to keep you protected.

  1. Patients will be screened for Covid19 through a touch-free temperature scan as well as symptoms checks related to potential exposure to the novel Corona Virus.
  2. Our lobbies and common areas have been modified and appropriately marked to identify where it is safe to sit and stand.
  3. We are asking that only the patients come inside our facility - with the exception of the parent that is accompanying their minor child - or other limited special circumstances of patients needing more help.
  4. Everyone who enters our facility will be required to wear a mask, which we will provide to all employees, patients, and medical staff. We have an adequate supply of protective equipment for all our team members and medical staff including masks, gloves, gowns, and face shields. This helps protect you and our team from Covid19 transmission.
  5. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout our facility and we encourage you and all our staff members to wash your hands liberally.
  6. High touch surfaces like light switches, door handles, chairs, and bathroom faucets will undergo frequent cleaning.

When you need us, we are ready to continue caring for you and your eye health. Schedule your appointment now at www.beraja.com

Beraja Medical Institute

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