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Are you a Candidate for LASIK?

Since its approval by the FDA in 1995, more than 19 million LASIK procedures have been performed in the United States with great success, as witnessed by the 95% satisfaction rating. 

But LASIK surgery isn’t for everyone, and approximately 20% of patients who express interest in LASIK surgery don’t actually qualify.

At Beraja Medical Institute, our team of experienced ophthalmologists and eye surgeons has helped scores of patients improve their eyesight with LASIK surgery. And while we make every effort to make LASIK available to everyone, the fact is that there are certain times when this procedure may not be right for you.

Read on to learn about who can, and who cannot, benefit from LASIK surgery.

LASIK surgery 101

LASIK surgery, which stands for “laser in situ keratomileusis”, can improve many vision problems through the use of laser technology to reshape your cornea. This helps correct common refractive errors, including:

We perform the procedure on an outpatient basis, and it typically takes us less than an hour to complete the entire correction. You’re awake during the LASIK procedure, but we provide you with numbing drops for your comfort.

Once we’re finished, we send you home with complete aftercare instructions. Rest assured, most of our patients go right back to their normal lives afterward, save for a few restrictions on swimming and activities where your head is bent down.

The ideal candidate

Before we discuss the ideal candidate, we want to emphasize that we evaluate eligibility on a case-by-case basis, so the following guidelines are simply rules of thumb.

For example, we generally find that people between the ages of 18 and 40 are great candidates because their vision typically isn’t changing too significantly during this time. That said, if you’re over or under this age time frame, it doesn’t mean you’re excluded from undergoing LASIK, as long as you have stable vision.

Outside of age, we want to make sure that your problem is a refractive error alone, without any unusual or co-occurring conditions, such as:

Rest assured, we review your medical history thoroughly before we proceed with LASIK surgery, paying close attention to the health of your eyes.

Aside from pre-existing eye problems, other factors that may indicate LASIK surgery is not right for you include:

In addition, if you’re older and starting to develop age-related vision problems, LASIK can correct the current state of your vision. However, your eyesight will still be affected by normal age-related deterioration (so you’ll likely still need those reading glasses).

The bottom line is that LASIK surgery can help the majority of our patients, and we encourage you to come in for a consultation. If we find that LASIK may not be right for you, our team works with you to find alternative solutions to help you see more clearly.

To schedule your LASIK consultation, please contact us by calling our office in Coral Gables, Florida, to set up an appointment.

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