I'm Diabetic. How does diabetes affect my eyes?

I recently had the opportunity to examine a 42-year-old  patient who came to an appointment for a routine exam. She complained about losing her vision to read and she believed her health was good. The surprise came when on his examination we found bleeding in the back of his eye, consistent with diabetes. When asked her about other symptoms, such as excessive thirst and tiredness; she attributed it to her work. We sent her immediately to see her doctor and she was diagnosed with diabetes. Fortunately, she started medical treatment on time and today she lives a normal life and must maintain a better diet and take medications for her illness. Her vision is excellent!


At the Beraja Medical Institute, we have the best technology and the best professionals to diagnose and treat the eye complications of your diabetes. We are characterized by a friendly treatment with a solid scientific basis to take care of your eyes.


If you want to prevent vision loss from diabetes, make an appointment today at www.beraja.com, and don't forget to ask your trusted doctor.



Team Beraja Medical

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