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Pediatric Ophthalmology Q & A

Children can develop many of the same eye problems that are seen in adults, but they often require specialized care. Pediatric eye care includes everything from routine vision screenings to caring for more serious conditions, such as retinopathy of prematurity or childhood cataract or glaucoma.

Children must have at least one vision screening within the 12 months before they begin kindergarten. Infants and toddlers may require an eye exam earlier based on birth history, family history of eye problems or medical problems that may be suspected to cause eye problems.

A comprehensive eye exam is recommended if:

  •  The child fails a vision screening
  •  Parents or providers suspect an eye or vision disorder
  •  There is a family history of strabismus or other eye conditions that affect children
  •  The child has a medical condition that is known to have associated eye problems, such as neurofibromatosis, Marfan syndrome, Down syndrome, or other genetic disorders

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Special Reminder: Children eye exam take longer than reagular adult exams and for that reason we ONLY take Pediatric appointments UNTIL 1 PM.